Is it OK to give a mug as a gift?

Why UNEEDE decided to give mugs as gifts
If you are struggling how to choose a special gift, mugs are definitely one of the first choices. According to surveys, 60% of people say they have an emotional connection to the mug. Another 40% said they considered their mug irreplaceable and would be sad if it broke.

Here, 5 suggestions to help you choose a gift.
1. A good day starts with a cup of hot drink
There is no denying that most people like to start their day with a hot beverage, and that hot drink, be it tea or coffee, has to be served in a mug.

Benson duck mug is made of fine bone china and features a unique duck design, the cute shape will bring joy to those who use it.

Whether it's your parents or your best friend, how would it feel to drink from an adorable duck mug you picked especially for them? Just imagine that special someone in your life getting a hug from you every morning to get their day off to a great start.
2.Bring more fun to work
Most people who work in an office prefer to use their own mug. Having said that, many people who work from home also have their own work mugs. As the survey says, 60% of people feel a personal connection to their mug, so why not give a special mug as a gift?

If you have a mug with a unique shape in your hand, it can definitely become a good topic. You never know, your gift might end up at a board meeting, or more recently, on instagram!
3. Unique style
We all know that choosing a gift can be very difficult. A lot of people already have everything they need, so giving them something fancy would mean a lot.

Mugs are used throughout the day, from breakfast time to dinner time. In times of difficulty or joy, mugs are filled with tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. Just one sip seems to make everything better.
Everyone loves a personal gift that is theirs and there is always a special mug in everyone's life. It doesn't get more personal than by giving a mug as a gift!

4. For collectors and animal lovers
Gifting a mug is a perfect idea for collectors. The Benson duck mug is famous for its cute duck image. So, especially for animal lovers, you can choose this mug for him.
5. You get more than just a cup

For what a mug is worth, we're not talking just money here. They're not just something you drink. Cups can be used to store pens and paintbrushes, or to measure flour or ingredients for recipes. Cups have many other uses waiting to be discovered.

Regardless of the cup's other uses, however, the true meaning of giving as a gift lies in its symbolism. Mugs are suitable for gifting to lovers, acquaintances, friends and family. They are perfect for men and women, most ages and all occasions.

Importantly, by choosing the gift of a mug that is beautifully designed and made of high-quality materials, you are likely to be gifting that special mug with which they will form a strong emotional connection.

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