Offline Voice Control Benson Duck Sleep Lamp Night Light

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  • New Upgrade: The 2023 Benson night light has been given a fresh update. We've added an exciting new feature – voice control. The voice command functions include turning the night light on and off, adjusting brightness, and changing colors.
  • Voice Control: We've introduced 'hey Benson' as the wake-up command for the night light. When you wake up the night light with this command, it will blink once, enhancing interactivity. Once awakened, you can give Benson continuous voice commands within 5 seconds. If there's no command input for more than five seconds, you'll need to wake up Benson again.
  • Two Modes: Our little night light features two modes – the regular night light mode 'ON' and the voice control mode 'VC'. In night light mode, voice control is not available, and it's not dimmable. You can turn it on or off by tapping. In voice control mode, tapping is disabled, and you can use voice commands to turn it on, off, and change colors.
  • Adjustable Lighting: The adorable baby night light has two lighting modes at the base to meet your different needs. The night light mode is ideal for breastfeeding, sleeping, and nighttime wake-ups. In voice control mode, you can adjust brightness and color as needed. Additionally, we offer a 15/30-minute timer for automatic shutdown.
  • Great Gifts: Super cute duck night lights will win your favor with its cute looks. The handsome and cool Benson will protect you in the dark and bring you light. This is the perfect gift for any Benson duck lover in your home!

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