How Long WIll It Take For My Order to Arrive?

We aim to fulfil your order within moments after it's been placed. Our current average delivery time for US, Australia and EU countries is 3-5 business days. Times are longer right now than normal because of high volume and covid restrictions. If you do not receive your order within 15 business days, please check your mailbox and tracking number, then contact us and we will make sure to get you your Benson in no time! 

What if I Entered the Wrong Shipping Address?

Head to our contact page and email us as soon as possible!!! We will try our very best to change the order though because of our fast fulfillment times we cannot make any promises sadly.  

Is Benson Safe For Kids?

He sure is!!! Benson loves kids and his soft, squishy exterior makes him perfect for a little night light companion. Though gentle reminder that while Benson is a duck he can't swim and should stay away from baths and the water.  

How is he Powered?

Benson comes with a built in battery that can be charged with the included USB-C cable. When plugged in, the light indicator will appear and what's great is that Benson can be still used while charging.

What colour is the Emitted Light?

Benson is one of the coziest lamps you'll see. When powered on, Benson emits the 2800k warm light required to make you feel warm and cozy.