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Learn about night lights-By UNEEDE OFFICIAL

Learn about night lights


Night light, is a part of home lighting design, but we know very little about night light, which is often ignored by us. In fact, night light plays a very important role in our nighttime actions. It not only provides a certain amount of lighting when getting up at night, but also does not cause too much stimulation to the eyes, so as to avoid affecting the quality of sleep after getting up at night.

Night lightdoes not refer to a specific lamp, but a certain lamp plays the role of night lightunder specific occasions or conditions. We can compare the lighting design to a movie, the lighting designer is the director of the movie, the lamps are the actors in the film, and the "night light" is the role played by the actor, so as long as the actor who meets the night light role condition , can star as Night Lights. Basically, all lamps and lanterns can become night lights as long as they meet some basic requirements of night lights, and then through some methods such as installation location or installation method.

The basic requirements of night light are generally divided into 4 points:

  1. Low illumination: Usually, the working scene of night light is when we wake up at night. When we wake up at night, because our eyes are in a relatively dark environment for a long time, the pupils will be enlarged a lot to receive more light. If the illumination of the night light is too high, the light will cause greater stimulation to the eyes, just like a camera shot. An overexposed photo, thus affecting our secondary sleep.
  1. Concealment: The light source of the lamp must be relatively concealed. Regardless of the illuminance, the light source itself is very dazzling. We must avoid the direct impact of the light source on the eyes, so the installation height of the night lights usually seen is relatively low.
  1. Intelligent sensing function: With the development of technology, intelligent sensing is not uncommon. The combination ofnight light and intelligent induction is also like a duck in water, solving many inconveniences such as finding switches in the dark.
  1. Energy saving: The energy saving of all lamps is our concern, and it is more reflected in the night light. People who often return late may install a night light that is always on, so the power consumption of the night light should not be too large.

UNEEDE LED Duck Night Lightis aCute Animal Silicone Nursery Night Light which isRechargeable.

Withwarm and soft light, this duck light can help dispel the darkness and accompany people to sleep without feeling disturbed by the light.

There are two kinds of light mode at the bottom of the cute baby night light to fufill your different needs. The low light mode suit for help breastfeeding, sleeping and waking up at night. The high light mode suit for changing diaper, reading, illumine. And you could even control the brightness to your desired lighting or preset the shut-off time to 15 or 30 min.

Thisducklamp are powered and rechargeable using a Type-C USB cord, and built-in battery supports portable usage up to 8-34 hours with one full.

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