About us


UNEEEDE, founded in 2019, is a company focused on the development of kids’ products. With the aim of advocating a lifestyle of companionship and fun, we designed the Duck Light Benson as a friend and a guard for children more than just a light. On the basis of Benson, we have now launched the UNEEDE FAMILY series, which is BensonDuck, Seegugul, ChacoChick, AbeeChick, VicoPig and PuddyPear.



The story starts with a young mother who noticed that her daughter was always afraid of the dark, so she made a night light with the look of her daughter's favorite duck. Inspired by the light that being a friend of the daughter day and night, we determined to bring more creative products and fun to those little lovely kids. The UNEEDE night lights can not only light up the night but also have a good interaction with people.



UNEEDE tends to be a designer and a guardian to the dreams of kids rather than a light producer. That's why we launched the UNEEDE FAMILY series, Benson Duck's friends, to introduce more friendly and lovely characters to the children. There will be more new and creative items produced. There is a long way to go and UNEEDE will never stop to pursue quality as well as service.



It is welcome to contact us at any time if you have any question.