Vico Pig

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  • 🎁 A Great Gift for Girls:Vicopig is a night light that is soft, hug-able and lights up with a gentle click on its nose. Vicopig is also a friend designed to be a sleep companion for children who anxious to be alone in the dark. Vicopig is even a friend of the benson duck, bringing you light while keeping your child company.
  • 🌙All-Night Companion: Is your child afraid of the dark? Is your bedroom light too bright for sleep? The baby night light is the perfect sleep companion for children who are worried about sleeping alone in the dark. With the warm and soft light help to dispel the darkness and accompany children of all ages while sleeping, which means mommy and daddy can have a good sleep as well. Never worry about sleeping problems again!
  • ⚡High-Quality Kids Night Light: UNEEDE aims to provide a restful environment for children, which are made of the highest quality BPA and PVC-free non-toxic materials. The squishy Vicopig is a silicone night light, children can safely hug or squeeze to use without any harm.
  • 🌙Irresistibly Soft and Versatile Night Light. The nursery night light is also designed to help parents with their nighttime rituals. The Kawaii Night Light supports infinite dimming to meet your different needs and is suitable for helping with breastfeeding, sleeping, nighttime, diaper changing, reading and lighting. You can even control the brightness to the lighting you want or preset the off time to 10-60 minutes.
  • 💡Battery-Powered Night Light: The Rechargeable night light is powered and charged using a DC-USB cable, with a built-in battery to support portable use, and can be used for hours on a full charge. A full charge (5V/0.5A) takes about 3 hours.