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Model: Seegugul Night Light

Material: Squishy Food-Grade Silicone

Color Emitted: Warm Yellow

Safe for Kids!

  • Just make sure to keep it away from the bathtub, as Seegugulhas yet to learn to swim (:

USB Rechargeable

  • Get up to 120 hours of use from just 3 hours of charging.
  • At the bottom is the charging port (Micro USB) support charging when the light is working.
  • The charging cable is included in the package.


  • Based on well-living design, Seegugulis a night light that is soft, hug-able and adjustable with a gentle squeeze on its body.
  • Seegugulis also a friend designed to be a sleep companion for children who are anxious to be alone in the dark.
  • Seegugulcan even serve as a phone stand well, so feel free to put your phone onto its slender legs and enjoy your time.

So Squishy!

  • Made out of food-grade silicone, Seegugulcan offer a sense of satisfaction and relaxation.
  • Stroking, patting and squeezing, feel free to play with Seegugul!

Sleep Timer

  • Set a timer for Seegugulto save energy while you're sleeping/not around.
  • Being programmable to be 20 minutes, Seegugulwill automatically turn himself off when the time is up.

Lighting Adjustability

  • Adjust the brightness by simply squeezing the body of Seegugul. With adaptable lighting, Seegugul matches any dark or bright environment.

The Ultimate Night Companion for Children

  • UNEEDE’s blunt design philosophy, meaning smooth surface and no sharp edges, makes Seegugul the perfect companion for children and babies. Ease toddlers to sleep with the soft light from Seegugul for a restful night.

Details & Specs

  • Size: 3.78" x 3.46" x 4.96"(96*88*126mm)
  • Light: 4W LED
  • Color Temperature: 2200K  
  • Battery: 1200 mAh Rechargeable
  • Charging Port: Micro USB
  • Brightness: Ⅰ/Ⅱ