UNEEDE Cute Rabbit Mood Light Dimmable Led Soft Night Light For Baby Girlfriend Gift Children's Night Lights Kids Room Decor Led Lights

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Introducing our Bunny Night Lamp, a versatile and charming addition to your bedside. This innovative lamp not only provides a soothing and healing light, but it also features hangable and foldable ears for added functionality. Crafted with exquisite silicone material, it offers a close skin feel for maximum comfort.

Easy Light Control:
Turning off the lights has never been easier! Simply lightly pinch or pat the Bunny Night Lamp to switch it off. This interactive and tactile experience adds a playful touch to your nighttime routine. No more fumbling for switches or disturbing others with bright lights.

Adjustable Brightness:
Customize the lighting to your preference with the high and low light adjustment feature. Whether you desire a soft ambient glow or a brighter illumination, the Bunny Night Lamp provides flexibility to suit your needs. Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your bedroom or any desired space.

Foldable Ears for Hanging:
The Bunny Night Lamp comes with unique foldable ears that exude a playful and energetic vibe. These ears can be conveniently hung on railings, bed frames, or any suitable surface, adding a practical touch to the lamp's design. Plus, the bunny's feet cleverly transform into a smartphone support, making it a versatile companion for your busy nights.

Gentle and Relaxing Illumination:
With its warm 2600K light, the Bunny Night Lamp offers a soothing and gentle glow that helps protect your eyes from fatigue. Whether you're reading, browsing your smartphone, or simply winding down, this lamp provides ample soft ambient light, creating a cozy and comfortable environment.

Convenient and Energy-Efficient:
The Bunny Night Lamp is equipped with a 1200mAh battery, offering a long-lasting light source. With a single charge, it can illuminate for up to 3 hours, making it ideal for extended use. The lamp supports USB charging for easy and eco-friendly power replenishment.

Timed Automatic Light-off:
Say goodbye to worrying about accidentally leaving the light on! The Bunny Night Lamp features a convenient timer function that automatically turns off the lamp after a set duration. This ensures a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep, providing you with a comforting companion as you drift off.

Exquisite Silicone Material and Eco-Friendly Packaging:
Crafted with care, the Bunny Night Lamp features a delicate silicone material that resembles the softness of a baby's skin. It adds a touch of elegance and comfort to your bedside setup. The lamp comes in eco-friendly paper packaging, reflecting our commitment to sustainability.

Enhance your bedtime routine with the Bunny Night Lamp, a versatile and charming companion. With its hangable and foldable ears, adjustable brightness, convenient light control, and gentle illumination, it offers functionality, interactivity, and soothing comfort. Embrace its playful design and let it accompany you on your journey to a restful night's sleep.