Uneede Cute Rainboot Night Light Rainboot Cute Lamp Rainboot Veilleuse

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Meet the cutest night-time ally for every parent Rainboot Night Light! Light up those precious feeding times with a soft, sleep-friendly glow. Shaped like a tiny, cheerful rainboot, this lamp is a game-changer for your nursery. Just a clap away, it delivers the perfect amount of light, so you can take care of your little one without waking them up. Say hello to peaceful nights and bye-bye to stubbed toes.

  • Material: Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, Silica gel
  • Three-level dimming
  • Powered by Type-C
  • Use time: 15h
  • Size: 7.2×4.4×5.6 inch
  • Package list: 1 lamp